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White Papers & eBooks

Measuring Global Attention
There are many associations that come to mind when people hear the word, “influence.” Power. Prestige. Prominence. However, what it boils down to is the ability to capture peoples’ attention. When an individual expresses an opinion in traditional or online media, which then travels beyond its original source, that individual has managed to capture attention. How far the opinion travels, and over what networks and media, help define how much influence an individual is generating based on that opinion.
In this white paper, Appinions’ data scientist, Stewart Siu and Chief Technology Officer, David Pierce shed light on our approach to influence from a technical point of view.
The Influencer Continuum
The Influencer Continuum™ is our proven methodology for engaging influencers and cultivating them into Super Advocates™ for your brand. In this free eBook, we’ll teach you how to tap into the Influencer Continuum to building trust with key influencers and ultimately, convert them into brand loyalists.
Marketing Through Trust: Leveraging The Buyers Journey
Consumers rely on an ever-increasing number of touchpoints to guide them through the purchasing process. In this eBook, you’ll learn how influence marketing can impact search marketing and third-party brand content, to provide more trusted points of brand information for consumers. This eBook is essential for anyone working at the strategic or executional level in influence marketing, social media, or search marketing.
Basics of Influencer Marketing
New to influence marketing? Start here! This eBook defines what influence marketing is and does, and how you can apply it to your own marketing efforts. It’s also great for helping others in your organization to understand influence marketing – download and share it today!
Creating Successful Influence Marketing Programs
This eBook is a follow-up to the Influencer Continuum™, our proven methodology for engaging influencers and cultivating them into Super Advocates™ for your brand. In this eBook, we provide the steps and guidance to create influence marketing programs which will move your target influencers through our Influencer Continuum, or to any level of engagement you hope to create.

Case Studies & eBooks

Leveraging Influencer Insights To Create Content For Your Brand
How Appinions uses influencer insights to create unique and meaningful content to increase their brand visibility and credibility.
Shortening The Sales Cycle With Content Marketing
How we here at Appinions use content marketing and our own platform to accelerate lead generation and sales in B2B Markets.
Fortune 500 Technology Company Increases Lead Conversion with Content Optimization
Client sought to use influencer insights before and during the development of a new curated content hub, with the purpose of driving brand thought leadership and ultimately enhancing lead generation efforts.

Training Modules

Content Marketing Module
This eBook helps crack the code on the most valuable content marketing – that which is endorsed, created or shared by influencers. Because content marketing is not just “if you build it, they will come,” you need to ensure that your words, and images/video, will be seen and heard by the customers and prospects who really matter to you.
Executive Influence Module
As companies become more transparent, executives are increasingly exposed to the public and expected to become the physical embodiment of the brand. Learn how three components of executive influence: traditional media, social media and thought leadership, can transform your executives into influencers in their own right.
Events Marketing Module
Client sought to use influencer insights before and during the development of a new curated content hub, with the purpose of driving brand thought leadership and ultimately enhancing lead generation efforts.
Corporate Social Responsibility Module
CSR is a hot topic, due in no small part to the fact that supporting the causes or issues that your customers feel strongly about is both good business and good for those causes.
Our CSR-focused eBook will help you and your company harness influence marketing to create, expand and measure your CSR efforts. This eBook covers the definition, business case, and elements of a successful CSR strategy, as well as educates on using CSR to cultivate trust and how to find the intersection of CSR and Influence.

Influence Studies

CMO Infuence Study 2013
By Forbes and Appinions
In our 2013 CMO Influence Study, as seen on, we analyzed the top 500 companies from the Forbes Global 2000 Biggest Public Companies list to determine the most influential CMOs among those companies. We’ve created a detailed analysis of each CMO, including their top topics of influence and their influence ranking amongst other company employees.
Beyond our analysis of the CMOs, this study also provides insights into other thought leaders who are influential on key marketing themes including social media, mobile marketing and big data & analytics. In addition you’ll find an analysis of the top 50 most influential companies highlighting their leading CMOs, other influential marketers within each company, and more.
CVS Stops Tobacco Sales
Early in 2014, CVS Caremark announced their intention to eliminate tobacco products from their retail shelves. Appinions looked at the influence this business decision had on the company and it’s executives, as well as their retail drugstore competitors.
It’s an interesting example of how the Appinions platform can be used to gauge the impact of press coverage of strategic events, of how tracking and cultivating executive influence can pay off, and of analyzing the competitive market dynamics for an industry.
Automotive Industry Influence 2014
The auto industry is a century old but facing transformation as everything from fuel sources to technology to style changes drive innovation and competition. This report looks at the companies, executives, and issues in this important market.
Mobile Payments Influence 2014
They way we spend money is changing fast, and technology companies, banks, mobile platform providers, and many others are working to own a piece of the pie. This report examines the players and trends in this important market.
Wearable Tech: Smart Watch Industry 2014
One of the most talked about sectors in wearable technology are smart watches – with all the big tech titans circling the space. This report looks at the companies and executives making noise or news in this emerging market.