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White Papers 

Data Driven Content Marketing
This ebook explains how to improve your content marketing by leveraging the power of big-data and semantic analysis. It examines the forces that drove the growth of content marketing, and looks at the four important questions that data can answer – which save time and improve results in any content marketing program.
Measuring Global Attention
There are many associations that come to mind when people hear the word, “influence.” Power. Prestige. Prominence. However, what it boils down to is the ability to capture peoples’ attention. When an individual expresses an opinion in traditional or online media, which then travels beyond its original source, that individual has managed to capture attention. How far the opinion travels, and over what networks and media, help define how much influence an individual is generating based on that opinion.
In this white paper, Appinions’ data scientist, Stewart Siu and Chief Technology Officer, David Pierce shed light on our approach to influence from a technical point of view.
The Influencer Continuum
The Influencer Continuum™ is our proven methodology for engaging influencers and cultivating them into Super Advocates™ for your brand. In this free eBook, we’ll teach you how to tap into the Influencer Continuum to building trust with key influencers and ultimately, convert them into brand loyalists.
Marketing Through Trust: Leveraging The Buyers Journey
Consumers rely on an ever-increasing number of touchpoints to guide them through the purchasing process. In this eBook, you’ll learn how influence marketing can impact search marketing and third-party brand content, to provide more trusted points of brand information for consumers. This eBook is essential for anyone working at the strategic or executional level in influence marketing, social media, or search marketing.
Basics of Influence Marketing
New to influence marketing? Start here! This eBook defines what influence marketing is and does, and how you can apply it to your own marketing efforts. It’s also great for helping others in your organization to understand influence marketing – download and share it today!
Creating Successful Influence Marketing Programs
This eBook is a follow-up to the Influencer Continuum™, our proven methodology for engaging influencers and cultivating them into Super Advocates™ for your brand. In this eBook, we provide the steps and guidance to create influence marketing programs which will move your target influencers through our Influencer Continuum, or to any level of engagement you hope to create.

Case Studies

Leveraging Influencer Insights To Create Content For Your Brand
How Appinions uses influencer insights to create unique and meaningful content to increase their brand visibility and credibility.
Shortening The Sales Cycle With Content Marketing
How we here at Appinions use content marketing and our own platform to accelerate lead generation and sales in B2B Markets.
Fortune 500 Technology Company Increases Lead Conversion with Content Optimization
Client sought to use influencer insights before and during the development of a new curated content hub, with the purpose of driving brand thought leadership and ultimately enhancing lead generation efforts.

Influence Studies

DjsitehomeFree Industry Influence Studies – at our Data Journalism Website
Check out our deep dives into influence in key markets, all free to browse online or download. Recent studies include:

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