Influence is the invisible force behind success. The Appinions platform makes it easy to identify influence and to manage the people, ideas, and channels that are essential to success in your trust-based marketing initiatives.
And our Ignition Modules apply the technology directly to your most important marketing challenges, providing step-by-step solutions.

Platform Features


Custom Topics

Define the specific categories and issues for which you need to identify and manage influence. These can be company, brand, or product names, competitors, market segments, people, issues – or anything else!
For each topic you define you’ll get Influencer Reports, Topic Maps, Gap Reports, Watch Lists, and more. Add new topics anytime as your business or competition evolves.

Key Influencer Reports

For any topic you’re tracking, our Key Influencer Reports shows you the people and companies who have proven to exert the most influence. For each, you’ll see our proprietary Influence Score, an average sentiment rating, and the frequency of their relevant opinions.
Within the report you can filter results by company, by role, region, publishing frequency, or dozens of other attributes.
For any individual influencer, just click to dive into the Influencer Profile page and learn more about them and their opinions.

Influencer Profiles

Get deep insights and backgrounds on each identified influencer, including (when available) personal data, bio, photo, and social media links and stats.
See the opinions that made them influential, their trended influence score, plus the history of their sentiment on the current topic.
And review the Influence Map showing who they’ve influenced with their past opinions.

Influence Maps

Once you know someone is an influencer for a topic you’re following, Influence Maps show you exactly who is being influenced. This visualization shows the relationships, and a range of details about each influencee – including their own influence ranking.
And with just a click you can dive even deeper to really understand the role each plays within your market.


See exactly how influence has grown or shifted on the topics you follow, the watch lists you’ve set up, or the gap reports you’ve defined. Your Dashboard serves to quickly reveal the progress you’re making in driving your business forward.
Dashboards can tell you: – What has changed in your influencer landscape; – The status of your influencer efforts at this moment in time; and – What you can do to optimize or course correct on your tactics.
gap report

Influence Gap Reports

How much influence does your brand have in your market? How much overlap is there in the influence of your company and a key competitor? These are the kinds of questions our Influence Gap Report answers.
A key feature within the Influence Gap™ is the ability to segment influencers allowing you to focus on the set of influencers that make a difference.
Focus on segmenting influencers speaking negatively about your competitors brands, or identify influencers who are positive about your market but are not speaking about your brand. In effect, you can develop a marketing road map based on the most efficient way to improve your standing.

Theme Maps

For any topic that you’re tracking, there are dominant themes that carry influence. Theme maps display the hot issues surrounding your topics, and enable you to dive into them to find the key influencers and opinions for each theme.
With Theme Maps you find connections that would take hours of reading to discover and objectively quantify. This provides you with actionable insights to guide your content marketing or executive influence efforts.

Watch Lists

As you monitor the influence surrounding a topic, often you want to track key influencers play over time – to see when they express opinions or future changes in their score. Watch lists let you do this by defining sets of people and entities and then easily keep an eye on their activities and influences.
Setup alerts to get notified when anyone on your watch list shares a new opinion or has a significant change in their influence scores. This greatly simplifies research and can be used to provide notifications for your Executive Influence programs or other thought leadership initiatives.

Topic Research

We process hundreds of millions of articles every month, and not all of them register key opinions that drive influence. With Topic Research you gain access to the full data set, so you can quickly survey summary statistics and key facts on any topic of interest. 
Included information includes charts of opinion volume and sentiment trends, details on who’s writing and talking about the subject, and lists of which publications are carrying these opinions. It’s a fantastic way to do research and understand the landscape of any issues important to you or your business.

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Our Ignition Modules solve your real-world marketing problems.

“Our recent story incorporating Appinions research on who is winning the influence battle over gun control drew over 200,000 readers and drove impassioned interaction, commentary and content sharing that is the goal of every story we do and mandatory in today’s social media driven world.”
– Bruce Rogers, Forbes, Chief Insights Officer